Japan's finest boxed lunch [Mabruk]



Our menu varies from season to season to serve you Japan's finest cuisine!

Kappo Boxed Lunch (JPY 1,200 excluding tax)
1.Rice with peas (rice, peas, salt, kelp, ginger)
2.Seasoned Canola flower (salt, soda water, ground sesame)
3.Trout or Salmon teriyaki (trout or salmon, soy sauce, sugar, powdered Japanese pepper)
4.Cooked or roasted bamboo (bamboo, rice bran, chili peppers, dried bonito shavings, kelp, sugar, salt, soy sauce, Japanese raw wheat gluten cakes)
5.Deep-fried chicken (chicken, salt, pepper, ginger, Japanese black chili peppers, kelp, flour or potato starch, oil)

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Allergen Information

Please find the allergen information for our Boxed Lunch as follows:
2. Salt and sesame seasoned Canola flower vegetables: Ground sesame
3. Trout or Salmon Teriyaki: Salmon (Trout), soy sauce (soybeans, wheat)
4. Cooked or roasted bamboo: Soy sauce (soybeans, wheat), Japanese raw wheat gluten cakes (flour)
5. Fried chicken: Chicken, soy sauce (soybeans, wheat), Japanese black chili peppers, flour

Mandatory Allergen Labeling (7 items):
Eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, shrimp/prawns, crab

Recommended Allergen Labeling (19 items):
Abalone, squid, salmon roe, oranges, kiwifruit, beef, walnuts, salmon, mackerel, soybeans, chicken, "matsutake" mushrooms, peaches, yams, apples, gelatin, bananas, sesame, cashew nuts