Japan's finest boxed lunch [Mabruk]


Statements based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

1.Description of the fee other than the commodity price

Separately from sales price, there is the case that a consumption tax, delivery charges, a collect on delivery fee, bank transfer fee may be applied.

2.Placing order

Please place your order by no later than 3:59 pm, least two days before the designated receiving date.
We will hand over or deliver the items at designated day and the time.
(Depending on the quantities of orders,or on the receipt date, unavoidably, there is a case to ask the date and time change of receipt, or delivery.)

3.Payment method

Only credit cards are accepted. Please make the payment within 7 days after receiving our order confirmation email. *We accept credit cards as follows; VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners

4.Order expiration Date

Valid term of your order is in 7 days. In case, no payment has been made during 7 days period, the purchase order will be canceled automatically.

5.Item(s) handing over or delivery

In principle, we will hand over or delivery on the time and date of your designation.
At the time of your order, please specify the pick up or the delivery date and time, within the business days from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm.

【Pick up at the store】
The item(s) will be handed in person at our store in Rinku Town (Rinku Papilio).

When you placed an order more than 5 items, we will deliver free of charge to the designated place within Izumisano-City and neighborhood city.

We aim for the items to be delivered as soon as possible; however please note that the delays may occur due to unforeseen situations beyond our control such as road conditions. We ask for your kind understanding that cancellations nor compensations cannot be accepted even in the case of delay.

6.About the item(s) handling and an additional charge

・Failure of pickup or receive the item(s) at designated time, and an additional charge.

【Pick up at the store】
If the item(s) cannot be picked up in 6 hours after the designated time or within business hours, your order will be canceled and 100% of the costs for the item(s) will be claimed.

【In case of re-delivery】
After the driver arrives at the designated place, a waiting fee of 1,100 JPY per 30 minutes will be claimed. Other deliveries will be prioritized and your item(s) will be re-delivered afterwards. In case of cancellation, 100% of the costs for the item(s) will be claimed.

7.Return of item(s)

Due to the nature of these items (i.e. food), we do not accept returned items. We try our very best for sanity management and cooking; however if any inconveniences are found in the item or the delivered item differs from your initial order, please notify us immediately. Inferior item(s) may only be returned on the day of the delivery. Please note that we cannot accept returned items unless there is a fault on our part.

8.Cost of returning item(s)

For delivery fees of returning item(s) with no fault of our company, the customer will be charged. For delivery fees of returns due to defects, we will be held responsible.

9.Cancel policy

In order to cancel your order, please contact us via email. The procedure will be complete after a cancellation confirmation email is sent to you.
Please note that cancellation fees noted below will be charged.

【Cancellation fee】
By 3:59 pm two days before delivery: No cancellation fee necessary
After 16:00 two days before delivery: 100% cancellation fee necessary
*Please be aware that when reducing the number of orders, the cancellation fees noted below also apply.

10.Authorization Information

Restaurant License: Osaka Prefecture Izumisano-City No. 0076-0449

Notation based on the Act of Specified Commercial Transactions

Company name: Grande Limite Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Kyoyoun HUH
Address: Zen-Bldg. 3rd Floor, 561 Sanbonishinotouin-Cho, Nishinotouin-Aneyakouji Agaru,
Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto-City, Kyoto, 604-8277 Japan

[Contact information]
Phone number: +81-75-708-6057
E-mail: info@mabruk-bento.com